Intuitive software to quickly/easily create your 3D models:

Automatic marking, several bases to choose and customizable, possibility to add tripod or articulator …

Creation of DIES

In this video, we show you how to make a model with removable DIES to print them. You will see how to cut them and how to choose the support pillars.

Automatic curves

This function saves a lot of time when preparing the file before you can base your model. The software automatically generates a curve that cleans the edges.

Filling holes

This tool closes the holes in the mesh when you receive an STL file from an intraoral scanner.

This operation is essential in order to close the model and to be able to print.

Remove brackets

To avoid loosening after removal of the rings, prepare the splint in advance.

Thanks to the tools included in the base module: lasso / ball selection, ball tool for smoothing, hole plugging …, virtually remove the scanned rings during a previous examination to create a model without a ring.

Hollow out

Hollow out your model before printing in order to save resin.

Just choose the thickness you need and start the process